Review of Pink Ribbon Bingo

Generally speaking, many bingo and gaming websites do not seem to have a strong charity bent. These websites are all about earning money—both for the users who spend their nights eagerly gaming and for the proprietors. And there is nothing fundamentally wrong with it; capitalism is not a destructive force in the world until and until someone comes along and rigs the system.

Nonetheless, we’ve frequently wished that these websites demonstrated a little more altruism and generosity. Many are raking in substantial revenues for the big unknown, faceless figures behind the scenes, while many more initiatives go unfunded, despite the fact that they address critical problems and are immensely worthwhile. Pink Ribbon Bingo, therefore, is a total outlier in this setting — a comprehensive bingo site that simultaneously strives to give back to society by giving funds to a very, very deserving beneficiary.

Consider the color pink.

By now, the Pink Ribbon has become synonymous with the battle against breast cancer in the majority of the globe. This is one of the most serious health challenges we face today, and although one might argue that this is one of the illnesses that seldom escapes the attention, the fact that other disorders do not have their own bingo donor should not diminish the good that Pink Ribbon Bingo is doing for this cause.

With that ethical point established, let us turn our attention to the actual site. When the webpage loads for the first time, it’s clear that this is an all-singing, all-dancing variety. Alternatively, it may be all-flying. The primary picture depicts a joyful, smiling lady dressed in a superhero costume and bearing the famous Pink Ribbon across her breast. She’s moving in a manner that evokes flight, while small animated elements bring the scene to life and highlight the gleaming gold of the sign reading ‘Deposit £10, Play With £30’. It’s a frenetic, but well-designed sight to witness, and one that we’re rather taken with.

Attractive Features

Underneath it, you’ll see four box outs, each promoting a unique selling feature. The first, and possibly most significant, is a link to the website of a breast cancer charity. By clicking on this, you’ll be directed straight to the cause’s website, where you can learn more about the critical work being done to try to defeat the illness one day. Additionally, there is a link to one of the Progressive Jackpot games. Following that, you’ll notice a link to Promotions and then to Free Games.

We’re extremely delighted with all of this information, since it instantly establishes that you’re not limited to bingo here – there are other games as well. Add to this the fact that you may also play for free, and it soon becomes clear that this website has a lot going on. We’re also not through with the homepage analysis.

Below those box outs are three more – one indicates that a Refer A Friend bonus is available, which is always wonderful to have. Then there’s the Bingo Specials & Free Bingo table, which lists upcoming games and their associated buy-in prices. Finally, there is a Featured Games box that showcases games that are extremely popular with players on a rotating basis. The point is that there is a great deal of information here, and it is all for the better.

Zone des jeux

Needless to say, everyone is here to play a game, regardless of the genre, and we’re pleased to report that clicking on the Games menu button from the row of choices at the top of the site does provide a rather comprehensive summary of the types of games available. Many other websites do not display any of their specialized material unless you create an account, which we’ve always found pretty annoying. The sign up procedure is usually straightforward, but not necessarily lightening quick, and so going through the whole process just to discover that you’re not all that interested in the games available is really aggravating. Essentially, this is a waste of time and effort.

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